Japanese Dog Walk in collaboration with Inu Crew

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April 2021: From 10 am to 5 pm

An organization of Inu Crew!

Are you the proud owner of an Akita or another Japanese dog and would you like to bring it to the Japanese Garden? Then April 10 and 11 is the perfect opportunity!

Once a year you can with your - Japanese! - dog to walk with us.

During this weekend you can also enjoy many dog-related activities in Kapermolen Park.

Dogs are highly regarded in their country of origin. The most famous Japanese dog is undoubtedly the Akita inu Hachiko, the dog that was waiting for him even many years after the death of his owner at the station. His story has been filmed several times and also made the Japanese dogs more popular with us in Europe.

As a spectator you are also welcome in the Japanese Garden.

The full program as well as the special entrance tickets for the walk with your dog in the Garden can be purchased via www.inucrew.be