Partners and Sponsors

If you think the Japanese Garden is a great project and you want to support us, you can become our sponsor.

And of course every financial sponsor contribution comes with a corresponding and appropriate consideration for your company and / or partners. This in the form of media exposure, free cultural experiences in the Japanese Garden and free entrance tickets. This consideration is further described in the agreement concluded with the sponsor.

A distinction is made between one business package and two sponsor contributions.

More information can be found in the sponsorship regulations at the bottom.
For more information contact us at

If several candidates are eligible for sponsorship, it is the city of Hasselt, through the council of mayor and aldermen, who determines who is eligible first. Priority is given to Japanese companies or companies strongly affiliated with Japan and subsequently also to Limburg companies.



With the Cooperation of:

European Fund for Regional Development

Osaka Foundation Commemorative Association Japan ∙ World Exposition

Sasakawa Foundation Tokyo Japan ∙ Stadsbestuur Itami

Stadsbestuur Hasselt


                                                                                                  Special Thanks to:

                                                                      Belgium Japan Association - Chamber of Commerce 

                                                                                                   Belgian Koi Society

                                                                                                      Herita vzw


                                                                                                             Thanks to: 

A.E.W. Elektriciteitswerken Hasselt; Agom N.V. Borgerhout; Alva N.V. Hasselt; Audio Visueel Centrum Hasselt; Autobedrijf Bruyninx B.V.B.A.; Baptist N.V. Gebr. Zolder; Bekaert Benelux Zwijnaarde; Bibitor N.V. Hasselt; Bimsbel Beton N.V. Genk, Boussu Gebr. P.V.B.A. Hasselt; Bouwbedrijf Moeskops P.V.B.A. Houthalen; Chiyoda Europe N.V. Genk; Danio & Partners P.V.B.A. Korspel-Beverlo; Democo N.V. Hasselt; Dewit N.V. Alken; Diabeton N.V. Hasselt; Drager Ballings N.V. Wemmel; Drukkerij Paesen B.V.B.A. Opglabbeek; Dubin Bouwtechnie­ken P.V.B.A. Hasselt; Ebema N.V. Zutendaal; Egberghs P.V.B.A. Hasselt; Gomala N.V. Alken; Hasselt Tin P.V.B.A. Hasselt; Heeren B.V.B.A. Hasselt; Hishi Plastics Europe N.V. Chaineux; Hob-Units N.V. Beringen; Hobby-Tuin Magazine - Rekad N.V. uitgeverij Herentals; Iwata Seizo Nagoya; J.V.C. Belgium N.V. Brussel; Janssen Pharmaceutica Beerse; Janssen Gebr. Bouwwerken Opglabbeek; Ledergalerijtje Hasselt; Leën Offsetdruk N.V. Hasselt; Lenaers Bil­zen; Limasco P.V.B.A. Heusden-Zolder; Limburge Industriële Dakwerken B.V.B.A. Sint-Trui­den; Milieubescherming N.V. Nazareth-Eke; Mitsubishi Trust & Banking Corp. N.V. Brussel; Modern Asfalt N.V. Hasselt; Montenay N.V. Borgerhout; Moors Architectenbureau Hasselt; Nitto Belgium N.V. Genk; O.M.O.B. Hasselt; Panasonic Battery Sales Europe N.V. Groot-Bij­gaarden; Philips Industrial Activities N.V. Hasselt; Philips-Matsushita Battery Corp. N.V. Tes­senderlo; Piet Carrein N.V. Hasselt; Publides B.V.B.A. Hasselt; Reynders Bouwbedrijf N.V. Hasselt; Slegers N.V. Beverst-Bilzen; Slegers N.V. Tuinbouw Diepenbeek; Stulens Kantoor­inrichting N.V. Hasselt; Tanabe Europe N.V. Zaventem; Toyota Motor Europe Marketing and Engineering Brussel; Varel Alarmgroep N.V. Hasselt; Yoshida Belgium N.V. Nazareth

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