The art of Buddha

September 19 and 26 from 10am to 12pm

Introduction to Buddhist art in collaboration with Vormingplus Limburg

Buddhism has a growing interest. Both here and while traveling you increasingly come across Buddhist art. In almost every Chinese restaurant you will find a "Happy Buddha", the fat exuberantly smiling Buddha.
You will come across even more: a wheel flanked by two deer, multicolored flags, a temple with two dangerous looking gatekeepers ...
What is the background to all this? What meaning is behind it? How does this fit into the philosophy of Buddhism?

We answer these questions, shedding light on Buddhist art and its symbolism.

There are 2 sessions this year:

  • Saturday 19 September from 10am till 12pm
  • Saturday 26 September from 10am till 12pm


  •     Max. number of participants 8
  •     Price for the 2 sessions: € 18.00 - Standard price, € 10.00 - Discount price, € 4.00 - Increased allowance
  •     Guidance by Johan Jacques
  • Info and registration:

Are you entitled to increased compensation? Then you pay less. Register via Rap op Stap:

You can still walk around the Garden after the session.


kunst van boedha