Hasselt praline

Hasselt specialities: taste a touch of Hasselt

Hasselt is known for its tasty specialities. For example, what is known in large parts of Flanders as speculoos is referred to as speculaas in Hasselt. And yes, the differences are more than just two letters! You can taste it immediately. First crispy, then soft, and then the nostalgic flavour of those delicious spices! The Hasselt bakers DePaifve, Cools and Bakkersdochter made it their speciality. Maybe you should try them all? And why not have a dram of Hasselt coffee to go with your speculaas? It’s a strong drink made of coffee extract and Hasselt jenever, a combination that can’t be missed. It also makes for a delicious nightcap.

And speaking of our Hasselt ‘witteke’ or ‘drèpke’, jenever jenever is inextricably linked to the cuisine and history here. You can taste this powerful grain-based product at various locations in Hasselt, including the Jenever Museum. And yes, after the bitter comes the sweet. So end your flavourful visit with the only real Hasselt pralineChocoladehuis Boon brings hazelnut, speculaas, and juniper together in this delicious sweet. You can only buy it in Hasselt, but it tastes great no matter where you eat it!