Jenever Museum

Did you know that in the 19th century the average Belgian drank 9.5 litres of jenever every year? And jenever still remains popular to this day. For more than 500 years distillers having been experimenting with ingredients and technology, searching for the perfect variant of jenever. Hasselt has a special bond with this local product that is known throughout Europe. The perfect location therefore for the Jenever Museum.

Be jenever-wise

Discover at the Jenever Museum the story of the distilled drink made from small juniper berries with medicinal properties:

  • How do you store, pour and savour jenever?
  • What is your favourite flavour?
  • What is the difference between jenever and gin?
  • Why is jenever actually called ‘jenever’?
  • Why wasn’t it discovered by anyone in particular?
  • In what way has it played a role in history?

Tip: you can also visit the jenever bar without a museum ticket. There is always something new to discover amongst the fine selection of jenevers from the Low Countries. Do try out one of our tasty discovery tours.


Wheelchair access?

Yes, but not the Molenzaal and Mouttoren.