Photography Manga en Cosplay Festival


ATTENTION!  The PhotoPass is mandatory for anyone who works with professional photo material!

Due to the annually increasing number of visitors, it has been decided that the Japanese Garden, in collaboration with CosplayCloud, will introduce a PhotoPass during the Manga and Cosplay festival this year. We ask everyone with professional photo material (DSRL cameras and lenses) to request a photo pass. Photographers with professional equipment without a PhotoPass will be denied access to the Japanese Garden.

This does not apply to taking photos using a smartphone or a small compact camera. To make the event a pleasant experience for everyone, we ask all visitors to treat others respectfully and to respect the house rules at all times. This means not to enter forbidden places in the Japanese Garden. During the entire event everyone is a visitor, also the people in a cosplay costume. The PhotoPass is NOT a ban on photography, but an initiative for more control over the follow-up of the rules. So nothing changes for those who adhere to the house rules. We only ask photographers with professional material to apply for a free PhotoPass via CosplayCloud.

Photographers with professional material who want to take photos of cosplayers and visitors must register upon entering the Japanese Garden. Then they receive a PhotoPass with their information. The PhotoPass must be visibly worn on a lanyard at all times (available at the entrance for a small price or to be brought along) so that anyone whose photos are taken, knows who the photographer is. Those who apply for a PhotoPass thus declare their agreement with the house rules of the Japanese Garden and the deontological rules regarding correct interaction with visitors, cosplayers. Both cosplayers, visitors and authorized persons may request to show this PhotoPass. In the event of serious complaints, a photographer may be removed from the event after further investigation. A valid PhotoPass is therefore mandatory for every photographer at the event (with professional material).

The PhotoPass aims to give a pleasant experience to visitors and photographers. The name of each photographer will be stated on the PhotoPass. There will also be a mark on the PhotoPass that makes clear whether photographers will publish their photos online. If this is the case, the location or the way in which the photos can be viewed will be stated on the PhotoPass as well. This way everyone can find the photos and show appreciation to the photographer. In this way we hope to create a better environment for visitors and cosplayers, as well as to strengthen the relationship between cosplayers and photographers.

You can apply for your PhotoPass for the Manga and Cosplay Festival 2019 at:

For specific questions about the PhotoPass, please contact

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.