Z33 - House for Contemporary Art


Z33 has been constructing a new building since 2017. The new extension, together with the renovated exhibition wing, will form a new House for Contemporary Art in the city centre of Hasselt in 2019.

The Italian architect Francesca Torzo is responsible for designing the new Z33 premises. The sober but distinctive exterior with its diamond shaped rumble brickwork harmonizes with the brick-built architecture of both the existing exhibition wing Vleugel ‘58 and the adjacent beguinage. The new building falls into place like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, complementing its historic beguinage surroundings.

Under its brickwork skin, the building ramifies with a complex interplay of proportions, lines of sight and daylight apertures. Spacious public exhibition galleries alternate with intimate rooms. Materiality and tactility are key attributes of the interior.

The new building will accommodate exhibitions, research, productions and collaborative projects relating to contemporary art, design and architecture.