World Tai Chi Day

World Tai Chi Day

World Tai Chi Day 2019

Wereld Tai Chi Dag japanse Tuin Beweging Sport
Tai Chi coach Gert Clerckx

Popular interest in Tai Chi increases every year, including in Limburg, where the number of people practicing it steadily rises. Although the stylistic art of movement is not originally from Japan, a lot of Tai Chi practitioners meet yearly at the Japanese Garden on World Tai Chi day.

After all, Tai Chi seamlessly blends in with the atmosphere of rest and meditation associated with the Japanese Garden. During our event on World Tai Chi Day, all are welcome to take part in the practice of Tai Chi under guidance of instructor Gert Clerckx (Tai Chi & Relaxation), to enjoy its soft, relaxing ways of movement. From experts to beginners, all are welcome to join in.

At 10:00 we will start by continuing the wave of Tai Chi that goes around the world on World Tai Chi Day. As such, on April 27th the Japanese Garden will open on 9:30 for this special occasion. Buy your tickets here.

If you wish to take part in the event with your own Tai Chi group, entrance will be free. Please contact us in advance via japansetuin@hasselt.be and let us know with how many people your group would like to join.

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