Wheelchair accessibility and pets

Wheelchair accessibility and pets

Wheelchair accessibility and pets

Japanse Tuin, stapstenen

Wheelchair accessibility:

All paths are wide enough to be accessible for wheel chair users. Only the stepping stones in front of the waterfall and the road up to the small tea house on the hill are not accessible.

Do you need a hand? Let us know and we'll help you right away! 

  • Use the alternative path to bypass the stepping stones at the waterfall.
  • Book one of the two available wheelchairs ahead if necessary: this makes your visit more comfortable.
  • If you come visit us as a group of wheelchair users, please let us know, so we can open up the Western style tea house to improve your accessibility of the ceremony house. 


  • Pets are not allowed in the Japanese garden, without exceptions. This also counts for small animals in a purse or stroller. 

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