Wandelen in en rond Hasselt


You’ll find beautiful bits of nature in and around Hasselt. Put on your walking shoes and discover phenomenal paths and trails. Afraid of getting lost? No worries; there are signposts practically everywhere. But don’t let that stop you from exploring on your own. We’ve put together a list with a few special walks. Can’t seem to get enough? There’s always more waiting for you. 

Herkenrode Abbey Site

The abbey site is surrounded by beautiful green avenues that form pleasant walking paths. If you’re keen to explore the surroundings, choose one of the signposted walks that depart from the site. With four mapped nature walks, ranging from 1 km to 9.2 km, there is bound to be one for you and your walking companions. On the way, you’ll pass standard orchards, wet meadows, hedges, pools, and a historic wooded bank.

Spraakmaker: Did you know that the abbey site also bears the title ‘gateway to De Wijers’? 
The ‘Herkenrode Abbey Site as gateway to De Wijers’ walking map (€2.50) and other walking brochures are for sale in the Herkenrode Visitor Centre. You can find more information here.


De Wijers

The De Wijers nature reserve is a true walking paradise. Are you curious to find out if the most valuable aquatic landscape of our province really has 1,001 ponds? Then try the long-distance walk: 81 km of hiking trails lead you past beautiful ponds and reed beds. If you prefer a day trip, then the three tours of about 20 km will probably be more to your liking. You’ll discover a different part of De Wijers every time. Shorter routes are also provided, of course. The hiking maps tell you everything about this beautiful region and the various sights along the way. 

Smaakmaker: The De Wijers overview map includes 200 km of the most beautiful places in this wonderful landscape, taking you over dikes, through reeds, and along beautiful water features. These and other hiking/walking maps are available at Visit Hasselt.
More information can be found here.

de wijers

Domein Kiewit

From baby steps to advanced hikes, everyone will find something to their liking at Domein Kiewit. The little ones can warm up their legs along the Haringvijver route (1 km) before heading over to the Bokrijk playground (12 km). And of course, there’s adventure to be had along the wilderness trail or on the family treasure hunt.

Spraakmaker: The maps for the ‘Kiewit’ landscape walks are available from Visit Hasselt or from the Domein Kiewit Visitor Centre for €2.50. You can read more about the domain on this site.

domein kiewit


Ready for a real discovery? Trek through the Platwijers, an area of about 100 hectares in De Wijers. Walk alongside the fishponds and through the meadows, watching tree frogs, bitterns, herons, etc. Quiet enjoyment is the goal. Can you spot them?

Smaakmaker: Observe the fauna and flora from one of the three observation huts you’ll encounter along the way. Find their locations here.


Herkenrode forests

Want to recharge your batteries in the middle of the countryside? There’s nothing better for that than the two walks of 4.5 and 6.5 km leading you through the varied landscapes of the Herkenrode forests. Start your outing at the Kermt village centre or at the Ten Hove sports centre. Then you’ll follow a beautiful mosaic of forests, fields, and meadows. And the children? They can clamber around and romp to their heart’s content in a 3.7-hectare natural play forest. Read more about it on the Visit Limburg website.

This walk is included on the Haspengouw overview map, which can be purchased at Visit Hasselt.


Mombeek Valley

Fancy a fairy-tale walk along meadows and brooks? The Mombeek Valley nature reserve is hidden far away from the hustle and bustle of the city – or so it seems! – on the border with Alken. Here, you can walk in peace in the Mombeek Valley, which has carved its way through the landscape for centuries. Get ready to take some idyllic pictures!  Visit the Walking in Limburg website to get a sneak peek.

This walk is included on the Haspengouw overview map, which can be purchased at Visit Hasselt.



It’s like the story of the ugly duckling (how appropriate!). The area around Tommelen took a beating in April 1944 during an Allied bombing raid on Hasselt railway station. The result? A park with 110 pools. These turned out to be very attractive to crested newts. At present, the Tommelen nature reserve even houses the largest population of crested newts in Flanders! It’s a story of how a painful memory became an asset. Enjoy this special natural beauty just outside the city centre.

Smaakmaker: Do you want to get a good picture of the ‘boemekooëter’? Climb the viewing platform at the edge of the meadow. You can read all about Tommelen on the Natuurpunt website.



There is indeed still a lot of natural wealth in Flanders. There are even places where you can discover rare plants… Nietelbroeken, in the south of Hasselt, is one such place. The unique bluegrass meadows with special species such as blue button, betony, and caraway are simply stunning. In May, wild plants such as spotted orchids and cuckoo flowers transform the hay meadows into a sea of blossoms. The swampy parts are easy to get through thanks to the boardwalks. It’s a lovely tour through untouched nature, yet close to the city. Read more about the Nietelbroeken on the Natuurpunt website.

Smaakmaker: On the way, you’ll pass the Nietelbroek farm dating back to 1931. You can’t miss the imposing entrance gate.

This walk is included on the Haspengouw overview map, which can be purchased at Visit Hasselt.