Villa Verbeelding: group programme

Step into Villa Verbeelding and discover a world of words and images. In this white townhouse with atmospheric rooms, the marvellous worlds of the books come to life. What tall tales hide behind the objects in the Wonder Room? Go on a discovery tour with children’s authors and illustrators! Or would you rather be seduced by the poison apples on golden plates in the Fairy Tale Room? Or just follow the journey of the book, from the author to the reader.

Group visits with guides

Choose the general tour or focus on a specific exhibition. We take care of a customised interactive tour – with or without workshop.

  • Available: the whole year during opening hours
  • Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Group rate (min. 10 persons): 2 euros p.p. (schools), 3 euros p.p. (other groups)
  • Guide fee: 40 euros
  • Reservations: +32 11 22 26 24 or