Themed walks in Hasselt

As the Capital of Taste, Hasselt is the perfect city for a fascinating city walk. Plenty of themes to choose from!

Historical city walk

Keen to discover more about the rich history of Hasselt? Then take a fascinating 2-hour walk through the city. Just follow the copper rivets in the pavement. The hazelnut - the symbol of Hasselt – will guide your way. Plaques on the façades describe the city’s enthralling story.

Brochure: 2.50 euros - also available in French, German and Dutch.

Jenever route

An interesting - as well as tempting - city walk into the heart of Hasselt’s jenever. Discover the buildings, monuments and locations that bear testimony to the rich history of jenever.

Brochure: 6 euros - also available in French, German and English.

Taste Route

So what does ‘Hasselt Capital of Taste’ mean exactly? Find out during the Taste Route, a stylish tour of every possible authentic place in Hasselt. Tips from insiders complete your experience.

Brochure: free