The Stadsmus: group programme

Requests for guided group tours must be submitted at least 14 days before the requested date of the tour.

The Stadsmus: group programme

Discover the history of Hasselt at the Stadsmus Municipal Museum. With the Garden Café as picnic spot, the museum is the ideal place to explore the city in a group or with your club. Learn about the oldest known monstrance in the world, a mysterious giant who can only leave the house once every seven years, and the poetry of Hendrik Van Veldeke. Afterwards in the Garden Café, during a picnic or when having coffee with speculaas or enjoying a local beer, you can talk about the rich history of Hasselt.

Museum visit to the Stadsmus for groups

To enjoy the unwritten but unforgettable stories and anecdotes about Hasselt and its inhabitants, the personal touch of a guide is essential. The guide will give you all the juicy details that are not to be found on the information boards. Who is in the audience during the Virga Jesse procession? Who are the twenty famous and ordinary citizens of Hasselt who were voted into the museum by their townsmen and women?

  • Available: the whole year, during opening hours (or outside opening hours upon request)
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Group rate: free
  • Group rate expo (min. 15 pers.): 3 euros pp
  • Guide fee: 70 euros - max. 20 pers. per guide

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