Sake Tastings Japanese Garden

Sake Tastings Japanese Garden

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Hasselt City cooperated with its sister city Itami since 1985. The Japanese Garden exists as result of this sister relationship. Itami is famous for its sake brewery “Konishi Brewery”. Recently they distribute their sake via Het Anker in Mechelen ( from Golden Carolus). Hasselt City seized this opportunity with both hands to bring this sake to the Japanese Garden. Therefore the Japanese Garden organizes sake tastings for its visitors to apprise the tastes of Itami.

The tasting consists of 4 consumptions and one snack which costs 25 euros including the entrance to the Japanese Garden. Seniors (60+) pay 23,5 euro, holders of an Hasselt UiTpas 19 euro. After the sake tasting, it is possible to buy sake.

Maximum 15 people may participate per session with minimum age of 18 years old.

Tickets can be bought by clicking the link "TICKETS" next to the preferred date. If you are eligible for one of the reduction fees above, please send an email to japanesegarden@hasselt.be .

There are no more workshops planned this year (2018) before we close for winter on October 31. Please take a look on this page in January to know the dates of 2019.


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