Photo exhibition SAKURAJIMA

Photo exhibition SAKURAJIMA

Photo exhibition SAKURAJIMA


From September 1st to September 29th you can view the photo exhibition on the volcano "SAKURAJIMA" in the Japanese Garden. An exhibition made by Annabelle D'Hont.

Since 2016, Annabelle D'Hont has been enchanted by Sakurajima: one of the most active volcanoes in the world, erupting multiple times every single day. Kagoshima, a city with more than 600,000 inhabitants, is just 8 kilometers away. Risky? That depends on who you ask: over 4000 people call the flanks of the volcano itself their home. Farmers, especially: the extremely fertile soil is ideal for growing mandarins and radishes. After all, what’s a bit of risk if you get so many beautiful things in return?

Over the years, Annabelle became acquainted with the population living in the shadow of the looming volcano. After each visit, the area beckoned her again and again, culminating in a five-week stay in a traditional Japanese house at the foot of the giant.

"The volcano is a friendly neighbor who sometimes gets angry," say the locals. In this photo series, Annabelle shares her experiences as a neighbor of Sakurajima. The images invite you to experience that home is where you make; sumebamiyako . Even in a community that follows its own unique rhythm: from the annual major evacuation exercise, to the daily grind of the constant ash rain. The volcano makes asserts itself, again and again. Life goes on, again and again.

In the shadow of Sakurajima you discover Japan in its purest form, nature and humanity living together like nowhere else.


  • Dates: September 1st – September 29th
  • Duration: opening hours of the Japanese Garden
  • Location: Japanese Garden Hasselt
  • Price: regular ticket € 6,-
  • Reduced rates: https://www.visithasselt.be/en/tickets

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