The Obon Festival - Obon Matsuri (nocturne)

The Obon Festival - Obon Matsuri (nocturne)

The Obon Festival - Obon Matsuri (nocturne)

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Tōrō nagashi

On August 14th we celebrate the Obon Festival (Obon Matsuri) at the Japanese Garden. Obon is one of Japan’s most famous traditional holidays, and throughout Japan it is celebrated with several festivities such as carnival games and summer festivals.

In the Japanese Garden we celebrate Obon with an evening opening, a rare chance to visit the Japanese Garden during the evening. There will be various workshops to take part in and several Taiko (Japanese drum) performances to enjoy.

The Japanese custom of Tōrō nagashi, where people float small paper lanterns down a river, is also observed in the Japanese Garden. As the night sky grows dark we will set our lanterns afloat on the pond in the Japanese Garden, lighting up the Garden and the ceremony house and turning the pond into a sea of bright little lights. Visitors are welcome to take part in this tradition and let their own lanterns float across the pond, and help us decorate the garden with lights.

Obon is a tradition which dates back over 500 years, and celebrates the ties between people and their ancestors. Although Obon is celebrated throughout Japan, there are various differences depending on the region. There are specific traditions related to song, dance and food, and the celebratory dates can vary depending on the region, although Obon is always celebrated in summer.


Additional information about this event will follow. Keep en eye on this page.

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