City Golf Hasselt

City Golf Hasselt

City golf

Turn Hasselt into one giant golf course. Choose for 6 or 9 holes. Follow the path and along the way you hit the ball towards statues, benches and other predetermined goals. Note the number of hits. The result? A fun walk through the city centre.

Golf walk 6 or 9 holes

  • Starting location: location of your choice
  • Target price 6 holes: €20 pp (min. 4, max. 250 pers.)
  • Reservations: www.city-golf.be
  • Duration: 2 or 3 hours

City Beer Golf

The city centre of Hasselt changes into one big fun golf course. Aim at the targeted goals with your golf ball and ... pause regularly to taste a beer. Four holes, three beer stops: that is the ideal combination.

Golfing and drinking

  • Group price: €25 pp (min. 8 pers. per group)
  • Reservations: www.city-golf.be
  • Duration: 2,5 hours

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