Men's day ‘Dansei Festival

Men's day ‘Dansei Festival

Men's day ‘Dansei Festival

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Despite having a Women relaxation day each year, the Japanese Garden won’t forget men during its 25th anniversay! Therefore, there’ll be a special 'Men's day' on Father's Day 2017, with lots of activities for men!

The Garden is opened from 10h-17h.

Kyudo: Japanese archery.
- Demonstrations at 12h – 13h – 14h 
- Demonstration makiwara (schooting at straw bales) at 15h30

Shodo: calligraphy
- Podiumact at 15h20. 
- Workshop from 16h30 until 18h. Maximum of 15 participants. Participation fee €5. 
Subscribe at japanesegarden@hasselt.be

Taiko: Japanese drumming
- Act: Start at 11h. 
- Workshop: Start at 11h15. 

Jodo and Iaido: martial art with swords. 
- Act at 13h30 (Iaido). 
- Act at 12h30 (Jodo). 

'Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu' : the oldest tracable Japanese sword school
- Open training from 13h to 14h. 
- Demonstration from 14h30 to 15h. 

Zen workshops. 
- Workshops at 12h, 14h and 16h. Maximum of 9 participants per session. 
Subscribe at japanesegarden@hasselt.be

Raku: Men and fire. 
- Act at 15h30 
- Workshop at 10h30 and 13h. Maximum of 5 participants per session

Hashi: Shop with Japanese gadgets and workshop Star Wars Origami. 
- Shop throughout the event 
- Workshop at 11h, 12h30 and 15h30.

Kendo: Japanese sword art
- Demonstration at 16h00. 

Next activities are throughout the whole event: 
- Board game
- Bonsai trees
- Tasting (Bier, whiskey, sake and umeshu) 
- Koi (fish)

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