Due to the coronavirus and the social distancing measures, the capacities of the different locations have been adjusted. Feel free to send an email to meetinhasselt@hasselt.be and we'll figure out which location is suitable for your company. See you soon in Hasselt!

Hasselt has knowledge

Something is brewing in Hasselt. And no, it is not only jenever. As a university town, located in heart of the Euregio, Hasselt distills more and more innovative ideas. A positive vibe, academic research, start-ups and incubators provide a unique cross-pollination. Will you be the one booking a meeting room, conference room or auditorium in one of our high-profile hotspots?


Corda Campus

Philips invented the CD... in Hasselt. Today the former site of the electronics giant is renamed Corda Campus, a hotspot for innovative companies and start-ups. This bustling biotope is an inspiring place to settle down and get ideas. Think of a congress in the auditorium, or a meeting, workshop, seminar or brainstorm in one of the well-equipped meeting rooms. Or bring a group visit and discover the innovative vibe.


Uhasselt boasts leading faculties such as architecture, industrial engineering and mobility-and business sciences. PXL is the largest university of Limburg. Here you will find creative fields of study such as PXL Media, PXL Business, and -unique in Belgium- PXL Music. The UCLL systematically exchanges its research in its educational institutions with the business world.