Due to the coronavirus and the social distancing measures, the capacities of the different locations have been adjusted. Feel free to send an email to meetinhasselt@hasselt.be and we'll figure out which location is suitable for your company. See you soon in Hasselt!

Hasselt has culture

In Hasselt you will find art on every corner of the street, both literally and figuratively. This Street Art City harbors more than 80 works of international artists: from murals which cover whole facades to subtly applied scenes located on the most surprising spots dotted around the city centre

street art

Hasselt offers Z33-House for Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture known as an international trendsetter. Following in the footsteps of Z33 numerous art galleries emerged throughout the city of Hasselt.

Fashion Museum Hasselt is internationally renowned after several keynoting expos as ´Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith`, ´Jazz Age`and 'SMUK'.

In the future Fashion Museum Hasselt schedules some very intriguing exhibitions. Let yourself be surprised!