Jenever Museum for Schools

Jenever is taste, history and science in a glass. How does an aroma produce taste? How does alcohol affect your body? All subjects you can find lots about together with your class at the Hasselt Jenever Museum. For pupils and students of the exact sciences there is a workshop during which chemistry and physics are applied in a tasteful experiment.

‘A Matter of Taste’ Workshop

During this programme the pupils learn not only about tastes and aromas in food, but also about dealing with alcohol responsibly.

First of all, the kids explore the museum during an interactive photo hunt. During the subsequent workshop all the senses are put to the test. The pupils take part in a proposition game in which they learn some sobering facts about food and alcohol. They taste (blind) and smell various aromas and tastes, they play 'the sound' and using 'beer goggles' they experience for themselves the dangers lurking behind having one glass too many.

  • Target group: 15 to 18 years old, also ideal for Vocational Secondary Education and Technical Secondary Education students.
  • Duration: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Price: 1 euro per student + 75 euros for the guide
  • Number: max. 25 participants per session
  • Reservations:

'A Shot of Science' Workshop

Fermentation, distillation, ... not only the ingredients determine the taste of jenever. In this workshop with all sorts of experiments, preceded by a tour through the museum, you discover how the distiller uses science and technology to create a unique taste. Fermentation, distillation, testing aromas, ... all of this will hold no secrets for you after following this programme. You can choose either a scientific or practical programme.

  • Target groups for the practical programme: 3rd to 6th years pupils in General Secondary Education, Technical Secondary Education, Art Secondary Education and Vocational Secondary Education (Project General Subjects)
  • Target groups for the scientific programme: 5th to 6th year pupils in Technical Secondary Education (technology-sciences, pharmacy assistant, biotech sciences, agricultural and horticultural science) and 5th to 6th year pupils in General Secondary Education (sciences)
  • Number: max. 20 pupils
  • Duration: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Price: 1 euro per pupil + 75 euros for the guide
  • Reservations: