Workshop Urban sketching

Saturday 3 October 2020: From 10am to 12.30pm

Relax, just draw it - Urbansketching workshop, door Barbara Luel

Why stress over what/how to sketch? Relax! Look at the scene in a creative and intuitive way, find your unique ‘handdrawing’ and JUST DRAW IT!

We may feel uncomfortable with our sketching skills or overwhelmed by the environment. We wonder if we really have “the gift” to draw well. Such pressure to perform may even take away the joy of sketching.

Inspired by Betty Edwards’ method “drawing from the right side of the brain”, I developed some urbansketching exercises, to make drawing more accessible and to take away the fear of making a “bad” drawing. Let’s make our sketching more fluid, satisfying and joyful!

In this workshop we will practice how to look and sketch in a relaxed way what we see, avoiding overwhelm and allowing each participant to search for her/his own “handdrawing”. At the end of the session each participant will have experienced and researched a way of finding his/her own drawing style and added some watercolour in an intuitive way.

urbna sketching
Barbara Luel