Wish day - Tanabata

Sunday July 4, 2021

The seventh day of the seventh month is Tanabata, or wish day, in Japan. The beginning of summer is celebrated.

Make a wish
Tanabata / Wish Day is also held on July 4 in the Japanese Garden.
This happens on tanzaku, special colored papers on which you can write a wish or dream. Especially to wish success for your school results or career, but also wishes for love.

You can not just hang your wish somewhere, it really has to be on a bamboo branch. This is due to the symbolic meaning of bamboo. The long, straight trunks of the bamboo seem to reach towards the sky. In this way, the branches can transfer your wish to the gods, thus fulfilling your wish.

You can get wooden boards or colored paper strips in the Garden to write down your wish. You can of course also bring your own pre-written wish.

While you walk through the garden there is of course also the possibility to enjoy Japanese delicacies at the stalls present.