Tai chi for kids

Off to Japan with Yin and Yangeke

Go on an adventure with Yin and Yangeke.
Stroll through the garden, listen to their story and discover why Emperor Tengoku storms and lightning.
Do simple tai chi movements together with Yin and Yangeke and experience how you can relax.
Afterwards you take home a special stone.

On the last Sunday of the month you can get acquainted with tai chi in the Japanese garden with your children and the whole family. This is based on a nice story and a series of colorful signs with photos and explanations of various exercises. Even if you don't know anything about tai chi at all, you can easily do these exercises. After all, they are simple movements and suitable for any age. Big and small can therefore enjoy it.

You start at the sign with a QR code. If you scan it, you will hear the story of Yin and Yangeke and their adventure in Japan. The board also contains photos and explanations about tai chi movements that you can then imitate yourself. Then you walk to the next board, where you can hear the continuation of the story and do a new exercise. This way you can discover the garden in a playful way and at your own pace and experience tai chi, together with your children.

In the afternoon, between 2 pm and 5 pm, volunteers from Tai Chi Wuwei will be present to help you with the walking route and the exercises.
Would you like to experience this in a group and do the exercises together with a tai chi teacher? That is also possible.

We organize a group walk at 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm. A volunteer from Tai Chi Wuwei Hasselt then tells the story and explains the exercises. Participation is free and there are 15 places available per walk.

Due to the corona measures, registration in advance for a visit to the garden is mandatory.

To register, click on the day of your choice.

Tai chi for children takes place at:

  • June the 6th
  • July 25
  • August 29
  • 24th of October

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Story Yin and Yangeke

Off to Japan with Yin and Yangeke

Here you can listen to the story of Yin and Yangeke in Japan (only available in Dutch). The story which guides 'tai chi for kids'.

Story: Sabrina Santillo
Voice: Lucette Verboven
Recording: Studio Bat Productions
Photo: Roland Hermans