Japanese Garden today

About us

The Japanese garden in Hasselt is the largest of its kind in Europe. It’s the perfect setting to fully experience the Japanese culture. Originally, a Japanese garden encouraged meditation and reflection; this is no different in Hasselt. There are benches to sit on so you can enjoy the sound of the waterfalls, there are koi fish you can spot and feed in the water, there are many picnic places and there are many paths to walk around peacefully. Sometimes you can hear the peace bell ring. The peace bell has a permanent place in the garden since 2016. In addition, there are plenty of activities that are open to the public every month.

Guides provide a tour to give you an optimal experience in the Japanese Garden. There are Dutch, French and German speaking guides available. The Japanese Garden contains many details and background stories, making a guide very useful to understand everything. The coordinators of the Japanese Garden have a new book with all the information told by the guides; it costs €15 for the soft cover and €19 for the hard cover. Click here to purchase this book.


The Japanese Garden is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Limburg and helps ensure that Limburg maintains the most nature in Flanders. Limburg currently attracts the most nature-loving tourists. The main mission is to bring Japanese culture in and around Belgium. The innovations are already numerous: the pavilion was recently built and the peace bell was recently inaugurated. And the 25th anniversary of the Japanese Garden will soon be celebrated. There is also the new website of the Japanese Garden to facilitate the reservations and to provide more transparency.