The Japanese Garden, the perfect spot for a peaceful and cultured meeting

The Japanse Garden is the biggest one of its kind in Europe. It was a gift from the Japanese City Itami to the city of Hasselt when they became sister cities in 1985 and was finished in 1992.

As a company you can plan meetings and activities with your team in the Japanese Garden.

You have two options (please notice that it is not possible to rent the Garden in the months November, December, January and February due to maintenance works):

First, you can rent the Okando or Glass Pavilion, which can seat 49 people. It is an open space of 60m² with a tiny kitchen added to it. The price is €100 for 4 hours or less and €150 for a full day. This price is without the entrancefee which every person will have to pay individually or when you are with a group greater then 15 you get a discount of €1,5 a person. If you want to rent the Okando later then the standard openinghours of the Japanese garden then the entrance fee will be doubled.

Second, you can rent the entire Japanese Garden without access to the buildings. The price is €150 for 4 hours or less and €300 for a full day. When you rent the entire Garden the entrance fee won't be charged.