Expo Chawan and Tea Service

Friday 11 to Sunday 20 September: 10 am to 5 pm

Chawan, the art of the Japanese tea bowl

The history of the Japanese tea ceremony spans several centuries. The ceremony begins with the introduction of tea to Japan through Buddhist monks and their travels to China. It is still an important ritual in Japanese culture. Everything happens according to established rules that have been established over several centuries.

In the tea ceremony, the tea bowl is one of the most recognizable and essential elements. It visualizes the often minimalist and aesthetic principles present in the ceremony. Two Belgian artists exhibit their ceramic tea bowls and bring a piece of Japanese tradition into the Japanese Garden.

Lou Smedts is a world-renowned artist whose work can be found in museums, galleries and embassies around the world. Chawan have been a recurring theme in his work since 1970, with a rich palette of shapes and always decorated with self-composed natural glazes. Each chawan is unique because of its way of working.

Els Janssens' work has already been exhibited worldwide.

The imperfection and austerity of a chawan expresses the principles so characteristic of Zen Buddhism. According to Els, “making chawan yourself is a ritual that makes time and space forget. A zen moment that sets in motion and sticks to you for the rest of your life ”.