Digital Garden experience with our app

Experience the Japanese Garden with a digital touch trough our app!

Experience a unique preview of the Japanese Garden of Hasselt by using the Zappar app! 

Belgian start-up Pimm360° has made the Garden a lot more accesible. By using the app, you can admire the Japanese Garden any place, any time. Also very nice: as a visitor, you cannot enter the traditional Japanese houses in the Garden. In the app, you can virtually walk through the Japanese rooms by using a 360-degrees virtual tour!

Tip: virtual-reality-headset can make your virtual visit even more vivid (you can also lend a headset at the register of the Japanese Garden).

The app also contains a digital walking guide, so by using it, you're also helping the environment!

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How does it work?

Attention: to use the app, you need wifi or mobile Internet at all times.

  1. Download the app "Zappar" on your smartphone or tablet.

Version for Android                                                           Version for iOS

(Using a Windows-device, computer or laptop? No problem! Visit the direct link.)

  1. Open Zappar and scan the red-white button with the lightningbolt above.
  2. Click on the panorama-picture that appears on your screen. 
  3. You can now virtually walk the 360° tour through the traditional houses or watch video's of the Garden (Currently, the video's are only available in Dutch. This will be upgraded in the future!) At the top and bottom, you see light grey bars. Click on the map-icon in the top right corner to open the 2D-map of the Garden. Then click on the numbers and video-icons to discover the digital walking guide (texts are in English).
  4. While you're discovering a 360° tour in one of the houses, click on the "headset-icon" in the below right corner of the screen to turn on the "virtual-reality"-mode. This gives you an even more vivid experience of the houses, by using your own virtual-reality-headset or by lending one at the register of the Japanese Garden!
app; zappar; Japanese garden; pimm360; Hasselt
Virtual reality; app; zappar; pimm360; Japanese garden; hasselt