The Chrysanthemum Festival - Kikumatsuri

The Chrysanthemum Festival - Kikumatsuri

The Chrysanthemum Festival (Kikumatsuri) is the highlight of fall in the Japanese Garden. Between October 19th and 27th a walk through the Garden will leave you captivated by the various works of art by different artists, all centered around the chrysanthemum.

During the Chrysanthemum Festival, the chrysanthemum will be your guide through the Japanese Garden. As far as the eye can see, the red fall colors of the Garden join together with the colorful chrysanthemums to create an image of natural beauty seen all throughout Japan during this time of year. Additionally, the Japanese Garden organizes a workshop on ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) and a storytelling tour of the Japanese Garden with poetic storyteller Godfried Kippers during the festival.

The chrysanthemum has a special place in Japanese culture, where it is the symbol for a long live, and has been featured widely throughout Japanese art. The chrysanthemum is also closely connected to the Japanese Imperial Family, and is often used to decorate Japanese temples during fall.


Tickets for the ikebana workshop can be bought here
Tickets for the storytelling tour (in Dutch) can be bought here

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