chrysanthemum festival

Saturday October 16 to Sunday October 24: From 10 am to 5 pm

Every year the Japanese Garden organizes the Kikumatsuri (Chrysanthemum Festival) as the final highlight of the season. This year, the Japanese Garden is also presenting a new edition where a wealth of chrysanthemums will transform the garden into a colorful carpet of flowers.

The chrysanthemum is a flower with a history spanning hundreds of years in Japan and is associated with long life and rejuvenation because of its original medicinal use. Soon after its introduction from China in the 6th century, the chrysanthemum became a favorite of the Japanese people including the imperial family. They even made it their imperial symbol which has remained so to this day.
In addition, this flower is a symbol of autumn and the (rice) harvest which takes place in october. The concept of a chrysanthemum festival is almost as old as its history in Japan; the first edition was already organized in 910.

This year the elaboration of the Chrysanthemum Festival is done by Regine Motmans. She chose 'Mugen - Infinity' as a theme that will return in several pieces. Infinity can also be found in the Chrysanthemum itself, the flower is a nice example of the golden section, a visual representation of the fibonacci spiral. A detail of the chrysanthemum that we now want to highlight and magnify in this 2021 edition.  

Tickets for the festival are available at the box office.  Advance booking is no longer necessary!

Monday 18 October the garden is closed!