Cherry blossom season - Hanami

From April 1 till 30, 2021

In Japan, it is eagerly counted down every year via television and radio: the cherry blossom period. We do it no different in the Japanese Garden of Hasselt! With their 225 copies, they are the pride of the Japanese Garden and every year we look forward to this event with great anticipation.

On April 1, the Garden will open its doors and as a visitor you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in bloom. Of course we never know in advance how far and even whether they are open. That depends entirely on the weather. So all thumbs up, for a nice and flowery event! (for the status of the blossoms, keep an eye on our Facebook page).

There will also be plenty of food and drink stands on weekends, so that everyone can enjoy a picnic. Bringing your own picnic is of course also allowed!

About cherry blossoms:
The cherry tree or Sakura (桜), and especially the cherry blossom, has a rich symbolism in Japanese culture. The cherry blossoms symbolize clouds, which in turn represent the flowing nature of life. The cherry blossoms visualize that ephemerality and remind us of the importance of dealing dearly with your life and your neighbors.

The cherry blossom also has an important social symbolism in Japan. A single cherry blossom, for example, is delicate and delicate, but rising up between all the others, it forms just one big beautiful bouquet. Likewise, one person is limited in capacity, but by working with others we can achieve so much more. The cherry blossoms are an ode to nature but also to the potential of humans.

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