Pop-up restaurant

Pop-up restaurant

Pop-up restaurant Japanese Garden

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For the first time in its 25 years of existence, you will be able to enjoy delicious dishes in the Japanese Garden for almost three weeks. Chloë and Magali Szpyt will appeal to all senses with dishes that are a mixture of the East and the West, just like the Japanese Garden’s oriental beacon in this Western society.

The chefs will be Chloë and Magali Szpyt, winners of the famous Flemish television program 'MIjn pop-up restaurant 2016'. Details (menu, reservations) can be found on their website www.sistersandspice.net/yugen.

Dates: March 4 - 26

Opening hours:

Monday closed

March 4 2017: 12h-17h; 19h-...

March 5-26 2017: 10h-17h; 19h-...

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