Herkenrode Abbey Site for Schools

Why did noble women in the middle ages make facial masks using camomile? What happens if you rub a sage leaf against your teeth? Why do you often find elder bushes close to the doors of old farms? Discover all the answers and more in the herb garden of the Herkenrode Abbey Site. All the answers to these questions and a lot more interesting facts, stories and interactive tasks can be found in the educational package  ‘A closer look at herbs’.

Educational package 'A closer look at herbs'

Beforehand teachers receive a comprehensive documentation set on CD-ROM and are given an investigation package upon arrival.    You go on a walk in the surrounding countryside and pay a visit to the inspiration garden. Bring along a magnifying glass and discover the secrets of herbs...

  • Every school day in September, October and from April to June
  • Target group: 9 to 14 years old:
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Price: the package (incl. the comprehensive documentation set) costs 40 euros per class - tour with a herb guide costs 60 euros (1 herb guide per 25 children).
  • Guide: the visit is possible with or without herb guide. The herb guides all have a 'herbalist' certificate. If the school teacher is to act as guide it will fist be necessary to prepare by first going through the documentation material.
  • Info & reservations: T +32 11 23 96 70 - abdijsiteherkenrode@hasselt.be