Hasselt Beguinage

Beguines had lived in this Maasland-style beguinage courtyard in Hasselt until 1886. Afterwards, the provincial authorities of Limburg first housed the provincial library and administrative department here. This later was home to contemporary art Z33.

History of the Beguinage

  • The oldest beguinage, which was mentioned as long ago as 1245, was located outside the city walls, approximately as far north as the Virga Jessecollege (Guffenslaan). It was destroyed during the iconoclasm period.
  • Following this, a second beguinage was built inside the city walls on the banks of the river Demer.
  • That beguinage quickly became too small, and in 1707 the first house of the third beguinage was built. All the houses and the central Saint Catherine's Church in this latest beguinage date from before 1780.  The entire beguinage was sold off during the French Occupation.
  • In May1944 the beguinage was heavily damaged during a bombardment.