Greenery day

Greenery day

Japanse Tuin Hasselt Japanese Garden Hasselt Dag van het natuurgroen Greenery Day Midori No Hi midorinohi

Midori no hi (みどりの日) is the Japanese holiday known as Greenery Day. In Japan, this day is used to come together with nature and show thanks for everything we receive from her. At the Japanese Garden we are very grateful for everything we have received from nature. That is why on May 4th, in cooperation with Domein Kiewit, we celebrate the abundance we receive from nature.

The day begins with a relaxing forest bath at Domein Kiewit between 10:00 and 12:00. Japan popularized the forest baths known as Shinrin Yoku (森林浴), where people go for a relaxing walk in the forest and to enjoy the benefits of spending time in nature, much like a relaxing bath. To fully enjoy the benefits of your time in nature you may take part in the workshop Shinrin Yoku at Domein Kiewit. This workshop will be led by Heidi Lens; Feel Good Manager, stress and burnout coach and nature coach. The combination of nature walks and relaxing exercise is the perfect way to find out which exercises work best for you. Preforming these exercises in nature will allow you to fully enjoy its benefits.

Afterwards you will have the opportunity to enjoy a picknick in nature. Both at Domein Kiewit and in the Japanese Garden there are many possibilities to enjoy a lunch in nature. Whether you choose to picknick at Kiewit, or close to the Japanese Teahouse at the Garden, packing a home lunch is definitely a good idea.

In the afternoon we will continue the day in the Japanese Garden, starting at 14:00 with a Kokedama (苔玉) workshop, an ancient Japanese gardening art. Under the watchful eye of Spore Nursery Leuven you will create 3 of your own moss balls with plant. It is possible to hang them in and around your house, making it one of the most decorative ways of keeping plants. The technique to make Kokedama is easy to learn and remember, allowing you to complete your collection of various Kokedama plants at home after the workshop.


Forest bath – at Domein Kiewit
Date: May 4th 2019
Time: 10:00 – 12:00
(start)Location: Playground Domein Kiewit
Cost: € 5,-
Sign up at kiewit@hasselt.be or 011 21 08 49 (office hours) More information at www.domeinkiewit.be

Kokedama workshop – At the Japanese Garden
Date: May 4th 2019
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Location: Japanese Garden Hasselt
Cost: €41,- (including access fee to the Garden)
Buy your tickets here

Naturally, you are of course welcome to participate in only one of the workshops. A visit to both the Japanese Garden and Domein Kiewit is also possible without participating in either workshop. Both locations will this day be completely devoted to greenery, and would like to welcome any and all visitors.

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