Follow the LED signs from the main ring road

Don’t waste any time and follow the traffic management system from the main ring road. The LED signs give you real-time information about the available parking spaces and whether there is a delay on the route. From the main ring road around Hasselt, you can choose one of the 4 parking routes (P-route):

  • P-route Jessa: P IJzerweg, P  Luikerpoort, P  TweeToren, P Jessa Virga-Jesse, P behind CCHa
  • P-route Kanaalkom: P Gelatine
  • P-route Station: P Station, P Astrid, P Truierbrug
  • P-route Dusart: P  Molenpoort, P Vaartstraat, P Dusartplein, P  Dusart, P Boudewijnlaan, P+R Kapermolen, P oude brandweerkazerne (old base fire brigade), P PXL