Exhibition "90 days of light" - Michiko Van de Velde

Exhibition "90 days of light" - Michiko Van de Velde

Exhibition "90 days of light" - Michiko Van de Velde

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90 days of light

Michiko Van de Velde

Light is a resource for everyone.

Like nature, after every heavy winter, we seek a particular energy.

For 90 days, from the 21st of March to the 21st of June, this specific energy, the light of spring, will stimulate the roots underground but also our own roots, deep in our skin, so we can all bloom. However, how can we bloom if we can’t even notice this spring light in an environment that is too bright ?:

The blue light on our screens, the spotlight of our security and surveillance cameras, the intense lighting of greenhouses but also the abundance of digital information,…

‘90 days of light’ is an exhibition about a light that tries to define itself, like nature does, in a dazzling environment.

Because the concept of light is still a mystery for today’s scientists, Michiko compares the very nature of light with its identity: is light made up of waves? of particles? or both at the same time?

Michiko Van de Velde questions the poetic relationship that has always existed between people and spring light. Rather than playing with the medium of light, her approach is to use her Japanese and Belgian backgrounds as a tool. For her exhibition in the Japanese garden of Hasselt, her artwork integrates and revisits old Japanese kanjis such as the kanji ‘sun’ and ‘spring’. This season is, for her, a reminder of our inner light’s ability to bloom.

The exhibition is open from March 31st until June 21st. Access is covered in your park entrance fee.

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