Events 2020

‘SMUK’ exhibition at the Fashion Museum until 30 August

‘Smuk’ transports you to a world of grandeur, splendour and beauty. The exhibition zooms in on historic and contemporary decorative techniques that are characteristic of the luxury fashion industry


Expo - More than a thousand nights in Villa Verbeelding until 18th April

One Thousand and One Nights’ mysterious and enchanting tales continue to appeal to our imagination. Discover the work of five Belgian and Dutch illustrators in a new exhibition dedicated to this gem of world literature.



expo villa verbeelding

Expo - Bladwijzer op de Wereld (Bookmark the World) until 25 April

This exhibition illustrates the richness of the heritage collections of the Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg (Hasselt Limburg Library). There are many wonderful books waiting to be discovered in the heritage collections. A selection of important and beautiful works is on display. Each of these books contains knowledge in a different field of expertise and visualises this.

Bladwijzer op de wereld

Deep in the woods exposition at Villa Verbeelding from 7 May

How do illustrators see the woods? This specific part of nature is home to a treasure trove of imaginary worlds. In the woods you can find a vast number of unusual plants and animals that serve as inspiration for numerous stories. ‘Deep in the Woods’ takes you to the endless riches of this natural wonderland in illustrated books. Get lost in a beautiful setting with illustrations of, among others, Carll Cneut, Maria Dek, Jan De Kinder, Tom Schamp.

diep in het bos

Kunstennacht (Night of the Arts) on 7 May (POSTPONED)

On Thursday 7 May 2020, Hasselt's art and culture venues will once again create a special ambiance in the city.  From 6 pm to 11 pm, you can explore and enjoy everything from exhibitions and performances to workshops, open studios and/or installations.


Legend of the Unicorn on 31 May (CANCELLED, new date next year 23 May 2021)

Get ready for a magical day of spectacle and enchantment! Become a brave knight or damsel, see a real unicorn, enjoy spectacular theatre performances and get creative during the workshops. Meanwhile you can discover the secrets of the ancient abbey of Herkenrode.


sage van de eenhoorn

Amuse, culinary world festival on 7 June at 'domein Kiewit'

This culinary world festival lets you enjoy global flavours, show cooking, music, children's entertainment, dance workshops and demos, ... You can taste the world at the snack market.


International Yoga Day in the Japanese Garden on 21 June

Yoga doesn’t need any introduction. Just like tai chi, these body exercises fit perfectly into the concept of peace and tranquillity that the Japanese Garden offers its visitors. Anyone can come and practice yoga freely on this day and follow workshops.

Yoga Japanse Tuin

Shopping Sunday on 5 July - Sales

On Sunday 5 July, shops are open from 1 pm to 6 pm. Enjoy window shopping, browse exclusive boutiques and discover the latest trends. Hasselt is the ideal destination for a 'shop till you drop' day!


5 July - The Day of Wishes in the Japanese Garden

Tanabata, also known as the Day of Wishes or the Star Festival, is always celebrated in the seventh month of the year. One of Japan’s most famous festivals heralds the start of summer. During Tanabata, the Japanese put on their yukata, a light and thin kimono, and celebrate with food, drinks and music till late in the summer evening.

Tanabata of wensenfestival

E-bike festival on 15 & 16 August - Herkenrode abbey site

Herkenrode abbey site is a two-day experience site for all e-bikers and their family, friends and associations. You can participate in cycling routes with various distances and entertainment along the way. Afterwards, there’s a well-deserved barbecue, information market and live terrace.

E-bike festival

Pukkelpop from 20 to 23 August (CANCELLED)

Pukkelpop is a must-attend event for all music lovers.  Whether you like rock, pop, urban, indie, hip-hop, electronic or simply everything, Pukkelpop is the place to be. Foodies, culture aficionados and art & design lovers will also get their money’s worth during this four-day discovery.


Boulev' Art on 29 August

Come and discover a very cosy night market with about 100 stalls, with plenty of artists, from the Guffenslaan up to and including the Kolonel Dusartplein. Open from 5 pm to 10 pm. Caricatures, ceramics, jewellery or photography: the Hasselt 'art scene’ has it all.

  • 29 August, from 5 pm to 10 pm
  • Free entrance
  • Guffenslaan
  • More information:  +32 11 23 96 47 –

Manga and Cosplay Festival in the Japanese Garden (CANCELLED)

The Manga and Cosplay Festival returns to the Japanese Garden. On the 29th and 30th of August, the Japanese Garden will be all about your favourite superheroes, video game, manga, and anime characters.

  • Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 august, 10 am - 5 pm
  • More information: +32 (0)11 23 52 00 -

Japanese dog weekend in the Japanese Garden - (CANCELLED)

Are you the proud owner of an Akita or another Japanese dog? Or do you just want to get to know one of the Japanese dog breeds? Be sure to join us because once a year you can take your - Japanese! - dog for a walk in the Japanese Garden. Besides an ordinary walk there are several dog-related activities. Of course, you’re also welcome without a dog! 

Japanse hond

19 to 27 September - Hasselt Fun Fair

From 19 to 27 September, one of the largest fairs in the country will take place on the Kolonel Dusartplein and the Koning Boudewijnlaan in Hasselt. With no fewer than 170 highly diverse fun fair attractions, there’s something for everyone. We start Hasselt Fair with a spectacular fireworks display at the Kanaalkom on 19 September at 9 pm. Welcome!

  • 19 to 27 September
  • Entrance is free of charge
  • More information:  +32 11 23 96 47 –



hasselt kermis

27 September - Dag van de Wijers (Wijers’ Day)

Immerse yourself in the Land of 1001 ponds on Sunday 27 September 2020. De Wijers is a unique area in the heart of the Limburg province that covers seven municipalities. More than 1,000 ponds shape the landscape here. The ponds were created mainly under the impulse of the Herkenrode abbey, where the nuns used the ponds to breed fish. Choose from more than 100 dazzling activities at, in and alongside the water! 


Autumn shopping in the city centre on Sunday 4 October

A new season is just around the corner! Haven’t updated your wardrobe and interior for autumn yet? Then make sure to go the Autumn shopping on Sunday 4 October! The shops will be open from 1 pm to 6 pm.

  • 4 October, 1 pm to 6 pm
  • More information: +32 11 23 95 40

The Hasselt Jenever Festival on 17 & 18 October

Every third weekend in October, Hasselt celebrates its rich jenever tradition with an exuberant city festival. For two whole days the city is filled with music, theatre and dance, installations, markets, exhibitions and parades, a waiter's race and a fountain that spouts jenever. You can enjoy the festivities with a glass of jenever, a jenever cocktail and culinary experiments.



Chrysanthemum festival in the Japanese Garden - 17 to 25 October

The Chrysanthemum Festival (Kikumatsuri) is the annual autumn highlight in the Japanese Garden. The theme of the festival is the chrysanthemum, which takes you all across the Japanese Garden. From 17 to 25 October, a walk through the Garden will provide some extra enchantment via works of art and creations of various artists, with this special flower at its centre.


Winterland - 20 November to 3 January 2021

Does your family just love the winter, snow and, of course, Christmas markets? How about drinking glühwein, performing pirouettes on the ice rink and singing Jingle Bells at the top of your lungs? If so, then Winterland in Hasselt will definitely be one of your favourite Christmas markets. From 20 November until 3 January 2021.

  • 20 November to 3 January 2021
  • Entrance is free of charge
  • More information: +32 (0)473 71 07 79 –
Winterland Hasselt

Christmas shopping in the city centre on 13 - 20 - 27 December

Enjoy window shopping, browse exclusive boutiques and discover the latest trends. Hasselt is the ideal destination for a 'shop till you drop' day!

  • 13 - 20 - 27 December, from 1 pm tot 6 pm
  • More information:  +32 11 23 95 40