Domein Kiewit

If you want to spend some time together with those you love, enjoying all the beauty that nature has to offer, then Domein Kiewit is the place to be. The children can play to their heart’s content at the children’s farm, in the play forest, and on the adventurous (board)walk. Those who are a little older can recharge their batteries in the five gardens or learn something about the region’s fauna and flora at one of the many workshops. Taverne Koe-Vert will have the snacks and drinks – with a focus on organic, local, and fair trade – ready and waiting.

Spraakmaker: Domein Kiewit is easily accessible by car, public transport, and the cycle path network. This beautiful place is located in the heart of De Wijers, land of 1,001 ponds. Together with Bokrijk, this nature reserve forms a beautiful, contiguous walking and cycling domain of 800 hectares. You can find all the information here. 

domein kiewit