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Cycling in and around Hasselt

Limburg is a great place to cycle. There’s lots of nature, cosy little towns, and an extensive network of cycle paths to keep you busy for a little bit (or a long while, if you prefer). Like an easy ride? Then choose the flat north. Climbers will find their liking in the hilly Haspengouw region. 

And while you’re here, go for a bike ride through the water! Yes, you read that correctly because it’s possible to do this in Bokrijk, which isn’t far from Hasselt. At junction 91 of the cycle path network, you cycle, safely on dry land, right through the pond from one bank to the other. But there’s also a lot to discover in and around Hasselt’s city centre. The Hasselt cycling circuits map will take you through our rural boroughs.

Need a breather or a longer break? The many cycling pubs and bike-friendly accommodations in our province will welcome you and your trusty two-wheeler with open arms.

Smaakmaker: Exploring Hasselt by bike is so simple! Rent a bicycle at one of the bicycle rental stations, and away you go.

Spraakmaker: You’ll find beautiful cycling maps at Visit Hasselt. The Limburg cycling map is available for €9.50 and the Hasselt Cycling Circuits map for €3.50.