Coccinelle: tasty Hasselt regional beer

Are you coming to Hasselt soon? Then you should certainly try the Coccinelle, a golden blond,  artisan tripel beer of high fermentation.

Tasty artisan tripel beer

The Coccinelle is brewed with:

  • pilsner malt
  • caramel malt
  • wheat
  • 3 types of hops
  • 2 herbs

Under the creamy white foam head a soft fruity and herbal fragrance can be detected. The fruitiness comes from the yeast. The delightful balance between the fruity-herbal aroma and the mild hoppy bitterness provides a bitter aftertaste that makes you eager for the next sip.

The name Coccinelle

Coccinelle is the French name for the ladybird, nature's protector of the hop plant. This tripel beer is brewed with 2 bitter hops and 1 aromatic hop, hence the link to the name Coccinelle! What's more, Coccinelle also symbolises good fortune, love, ... so let this Coccinelle bring you much good fortune in the form of a delicious glass of beer of high spirits.

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