Children's day in the Japanese Garden

Children's day in the Japanese Garden

Japanse Tuin Hasselt Japanese Garden Hasselt Kinderdag Koinobory Children's day

Kodomo no hi (こどもの日) is the Japanese holiday known as Children’s Day. The name koinobori refers to the special carp shaped streamers that are flown all around Japan on Children’s Day. The carp symbolizes hope, strength and a good future for children. Therefore, koinobori is an important day in the Japanese Garden, where children are at the center of attention, but of course their parents are welcome too.

This year we join hands with local youth associations from Hasselt to host games, arts and crafts and various other activities to make this an unforgettable day. Whether you like folding cranes from origami or making your own carp streamer, all day long we have lots of things to do for children aged 5 to 12.

And of course the fun in the Japanese Garden doesn’t stop there. Come and have a look at our real Japanese buildings and feed the koi fish in our pond. Walk across the stepping stones next to the waterfall and learn everything you’ve always wanted to about Japan and Japanese culture! Let’s play together in the Japanese Garden.

Date: May 5th 2019
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Location: Japanese Garden Hasselt
Costs: €3,- (Free for kids 12 and under)
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