Car park – free

Car park – free

Parkeren in Hasselt

The following car parks are free of charge (unlimited):

  • Gelatinefabriek car park (Slachthuiskaai) (400 spots)
  • Kolenkaai car park (100 spots)
  • Vildersstraat car park (200 spots)
  • Parking alongside Boudewijnlaan (330 spots)
  • Alverberg car park (Alverbergstraat) (300 spots – bus stop at the car park)
  • Hasselt Zuid car park (E313, exit no. 28) (217 spots – bus stop at the car park)
  • Boudewijnlaan cark park (500 spots – bus stop at the car park) Free bus transport. Board at the bus stop 'Rijksadministratief Centrum' and alight at any bus stop at or along Groene Boulevard. Don’t forget to ask the bus driver for a free ticket.
  • CCHa Cultural Centre car park (Kunstlaan) (320 spots)
  • IJzerweg/Spoorviaduct car park (214 spots)
  • Vaartstraat car park (Mouttoren) (200 spots)

30 minutes of free parking at a paying car park

Select ‘gratis ticketje’ (free ticket) at the parking pay terminal. Place the ticket in a visible spot in your car. Fee for long-term parking between 9 am and 7 pm. The first hour costs €1, the second hour €2 and €3 per hour from the third hour. The maximum daily parking time limit is 10 hours. Free parking on Sundays, public holidays and on 11 July.

Free parking with blue parking disk between the inner and outer ring roads around Hasselt 

In the area between the inner and outer ring roads around Hasselt you need to put your blue parking disk behind your windshield in a visible spot, unless there are parking meters in the street.

The blue parking disk is required between 9 am and 6 pm, except on Sundays and public holidays (including 11 July). You can park for a maximum of two hours with a parking disk.

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