Buddhism Day

Buddhism Day

Meditation and flower offering ceremony in the Japanese Garden


Silence and respect of nature: they are the most important symbols of the Japanese Garden. We would love to end our season with those symbolic themes.

That's why, on October 28th 2018, the Japanese Garden would like to invite everyone to experience these themes together, in co-operation with the Day of Buddhism and Yo-e-an.

At 11h and 13h30 introductions will start to meditation in the tradition of Shingon, one of the biggest schools in Japanese buddhism. 

At 16h we begin the flower offering ceremony. During this ceremony we thank nature for everything she has given us the past season.
We invite everyone to offer their used flowers to show respect to these living organisms. 

Shaku Jinsen Pinnoo will lead the sessions. They will be organised in the Okando, the glass pavilion at the back of the Garden, in the cherry blossom parc.

All activities are free. Please send a mail to Johan.jacques@telenet.be if you would like to participate in a meditation session or if you would like some more information.

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