Bonsai Expo

Bonsai Happening

The epitome of Japanese perfectionism and patience? Bonsai! During Bonsai Happening, visitors can admire various forms of bonsai at the Japanese Garden. The pavilion will have a national and international selection of the finest shohin-ten ready. These are bonsai that are smaller than 25 cm. There are beautifully blooming Satsuki around the pavilion. These are azaleas, not as popular as bonsai, but impressive when they are blooming. Finally, you can admire the most beautiful bonsai of some clubs in Limburg; there are near the ceremonial house of the Japanese Garden.

Altogether, it is a varied programme, allowin you to taste every aspect of the Japanese bonsai. Check our website and Facebook page for further updates!

Bonsai; Japanse Tuin; Shohin