Beer and chocolate masterclass

Do you like beer, but also chocolate? Then you will be delighted, you will love this tasting!

The local traditional beers offer a harmonious taste with the chocolate or they just go for a strong contrast. By means of petty facts and funny details and juicy beer stories I take you along in the rich and fascinating history of our Belgian beer. Why is Belgium the country of beer chocolate? Is it a coincidence that there are so many references to beer in our Dutch language? How do you best taste, smell and enjoy beer & chocolate?

Bier en chocolade masterclass

Beer tasting

Looking for the ultimate beer experience? Are you keen on facts about beer? Then you will like this event. Guided by a certified beer sommelier you can taste four excellent Belgian beers. During this interactive tasting the participants are immersed in a bath of flavours. The senses are stimulated and the taste buds are pampered with liquid gold. You will learn that tasting beer is something you do with all your senses. We hear and see, smell and taste. The participants will never look at beer in the same way again. A night full of pure indulgence.

Beer en chocolate tasting walk

Would you like to discover a city or town in a playful and fun way? Then go on a pub-crawl with a real beer sommelier! You explore the city with a real beer guide, looking for the rich history and you stop at unique cafés. The guide tells you thirst-quenching stories about the pub, about how you taste beer and chocolate and the features of the beer and its brewery. In the cafés you are submerged by many anecdotes and tips & tricks in the secrets of the Belgian beer and chocolate world. Taste delicious local beers (and chocolates) while discovering the city!

Bier en chocolade proefwandelng
Chocoladeworkshop Bierolade

Chocolate workshop from cacaobean to Belgian chocolate

This workshop is a 'Compare Event' where you can compare and of course taste various 'origin chocolates' from all over the world. You will be immersed in a chocolate bath full of information. Why is Belgium a chocolate country ? Where does cocoa come from ? From cocoa bean to chocolate? What makes Belgian chocolate so tasty? What is the difference between original chocolate and industrial chocolate ? How do you learn to taste chocolate? Food pairing with chocolate. How do you best preserve chocolate?... This is done in an informative and at the same time fun way full of anecdotes so that the story is easily digestible.

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