Bentō workshops

Bentō workshops

Bentō workshops

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Bentō (弁当) are Japanese lunches. In lunchboxes the items such as rice, vegetables, meats, fish and fruits are stored separated, or sometimes mixed, to eat later on in the day. However, rather than a simple meal, modern bentō boxes require a lot of attention and dedication.

These days the making of bentō lunches has been elevated to the level of art by many Japanese mothers. From cute animals to cartoon characters, they try to arrange the food in such a way their children will eagerly anticipate their lunch. At first, this was a trick mothers would use to get their children to taste various different foods, but nowadays there are even professional contests for the best designed bentō boxes.

During the bentō workshop you will take 2 hour to learn for yourself how to make beautifully decorated lunches. The workshop specifically focusses on characters from Japanese comics and cartoons. At the end of the workshop you can choose to have a picknick in the garden and eat what you made, or take it home for later.

For 2019 we have 2 bentō workshops planned in April. Tickets can be bought by clicking the dates below. Your entrance fee for the Japanese Garden and the use of materials for the workshop are included in the price. If you have free enterance or a reduced ticket price for the Japanese Garden please contact us to purchase your tickets through japansetuin@hasselt.be.

April 20th (sold out)

April 21st (sold out)

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