Abbey products from the Herkenrode Abbey Site

Herkenrode bier Vesper

When you are in Hasselt, you should certainly try the delicious abbey products of the Herkenrode Abbey. In order to restore the centuries-old tradition, in 2009 Herkenrode vzw, together with Cornelissen brewery from Opitter, launched the abbey beer Herkenrode. The elderberry liqueur is also highly recommended.

3 sorts of abbey beers

Robert Putman, former engineer-brew master of Cristal Alken, was given the task of brewing a beer that had the robustness of the counts of Loon, the elegance of the abbesses of Herkenrode and the aromas of the inspiration garden.  The Federation of Belgian certified the beer as a 'recognised Belgian Abbey Beer', awarding it the associated designation and logo, making this  Herkenrode beer the second certified abbey beer of Limburg.

Today there are 3 Herkenrode abbey beers:

  • Herkenrode Vesper 
  • Herkenrode Noctus
  • Herkenrode Cister

Elderberry liqueur

A delicious herb liqueur, based on elderberries, was made specially for Herkenrode Abbey Site. The elder is a vigorous deciduous bush or tree. The cream-coloured  flower heads appear in early summer and have a wonderful fragrance. A shot of elderberry liqueur is good for colds and flu. The liqueur can be combined well in cocktails.