The 48-hour card

The 48-hour card

A card full of advantages

48u hasselt kaart

Access to all museums and many attractions, renting a bike for free for one day, free bus hopping for 48 hours, promotions at hotels, restaurants, and shops, discounts at the Bokrijk Open-Air Museum, Versuz, and so much more. It’s all on the 48-hour card! And it just costs €19.50 per card. You can find the 48-hour card at the Hasselt Tourism Office and at participating museums, attractions, and hotels.

Did you lose your card?

Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse it. If you suspect misuse, we will block your card. The Hasselt Tourism Office is not liable for damages or costs incurred due to the use of the 48-hour card or if a good/service on the card is insufficiently supplied or not supplied at all.

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